Visitors to the exotic country of Vietnam will discover a trove of spiritual, cultural, and historical treasures. This beautiful country stretched along the South China Sea offers it all: from rich history to spectacular scenery, bustling cities, great food and fascinating cultural sights - Vietnam is a true Southeast Asian gem!

A real nature-lover’s paradise; the country combines scenic mountains, lush hills, pristine beaches and emerald green rice terraces. Trek through the beautiful sceneries from north to south and make a stops along the coast to enjoy blue water, sandy beaches, restaurants, shopping and nightlife.

Vietnam is full of cultural riches: there are ancient cities, beautiful temples and iconic pagodas to discover. Make sure to dress accordingly when entering religious buildings though - you might be refused entry!

Visit colonial Hanoi and the energetic and cosmopolitan Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon), combining Vietnamese, US and French influences, and discover its palace, cathedral, buzzing markets and great dining opportunities.

Make sure to also see the enchanting UNESCO World Heritage Site Hoi An, a historic city remaining from an ancient world. Every month there is a full moon lantern festival taking place, one of Vietnam’s most popular events: all electricity in the old town is turned off and numerous colored silk lanterns line the streets and pathways. Follow the atmospheric lantern procession through the old town to the port for a romantic and unforgettable experience!

Make sure to see the picture perfect Halong Bay and boat around its limestone pillars in emerald waters, or take a cruise on a wooden sampan boat on the Mekong River, which makes for an unforgettable experience. See fishermen and swimming markets, with farmers offering their colorful produce from their boats as you glide through tropical forest and pass small villages in the Mekong Delta.

As for adventure paired with history, go on an excursion to the Cu Chi tunnels where Viet Kong soldiers lived and hid underground for several years during the Vietnam War – a must-see on your trip and a truly wonderful experience!

And don’t leave Vietnam without trying the exceptional food - the gastronomic splendor of the Vietnamese cuisine will delight your senses! Try the traditional dishes and a sweet egg coffee - whether its street food or a fine restaurant meal, you can be sure to be excited by this culinary adventure!

Stunning nature paired with fascinating history and magnificent cultural delights make Vietnam such a compelling place for travelers – all you’ve got to do is go!