Thailand is an amazing beach destination offering rich traditions and lots of fun! There are beautiful shrines and temples, national parks, rainforests, and coral reefs waiting to be explored! The postcard-perfect white beaches lining turquoise waters offer everything you dream of in a tropical holiday. It’s these beautiful coastlines that have made Thailand such a famous travel destination, with millions of visitors every year.

Watersport enthusiasts and sun bathers alike can all enjoy themselves here: there are excellent diving and snorkel opportunities in the pristine coral reefs and many beautiful islands to explore. Visit Phuket and the island of Koh Samui for water fun and beach parties. Don’t miss out on a full moon party; held right on the beach - dancing under the stars with people from all over the world! There are also plenty of spas and retreats offering a relaxing getaway. Have a Thai massage on the beach, which will most certainly hurt, but also leave your muscles and body deeply relaxed!

The Thai people are famously friendly and hospitable, and account for the name “The Land of Smiles”. Travelling through the country you will feel most welcome and cared for. 90% of the population is Buddhist, with Buddhist culture being part of every aspect of life. You will see orange-robed monks walking in the streets, numerous Buddhist temples with beautifully decorated rooftops, and golden Buddha statues in special places of worship like the amazing temples of Chiang Mai. A must-see, and one of the most visited attractions in Thailand, is the unique sparkling White Temple in Chiang Rai - don't miss it!

One of the country’s cultural assets is its world-famous cuisine. Thai cuisine consists of delicious spicy foods based on the main ingredient rice; ranging from delicious curries to seafood. Whether you choose a fancy restaurant or eat from a food stall – be prepared for a sensationally tasty culinary experience!

Most travellers will land in Bangkok, Thailand’s busy capital, which may seem overcrowded and hectic at first, but catches you with its temples and parks, plenty of shopping and dining opportunities, as well as its wild nightlife. Your Thailand holiday will not be complete without getting lost in Bangkok’s party scene at least once!

There are high-end resorts, luxurious hotels, and cheap backpacker hostels catering to every sort of traveler. Whether you want dreamy beaches, lots of party or a family vacation – Thailand offers it all!