A port city located in South Korea, Busan is known to Koreans and travelers as a place to go you want a breathtaking experience between visiting mountains, religious temples and palaces, and heading to the beach for a resort getaway. There’s plenty to see and do while visiting Busan, whether you want to bar hop along one of the coastal resorts or you like to explore attractions in and outside of the city, this South Korean destination is an amazing place to visit.

Just like Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, Busan is a fascinating blend between modern and ancient attractions – while you’ll find many of the temples that date back to the 14th century, you’ll see an equal number of modern attractions and points of interest that will entertain you and the entire family. One of the most popular destinations in Busan is Haeundae Beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Korea. It stretches 1.5 kilometers long and is located near the eastern portion of the city -- you have close proximity to all of the amenities, while also enjoying that seaside getaway. Another peaceful destination that gives you exceptional views is Taejongdae, which is a cliff top park that encompasses an observatory and has a lighthouse that all visitors will enjoy visiting. From this hilltop park you get amazing views the water and the city!

When you visit Korea, you might not expect to find such a diverse landscape as Busan. Between the mountains that are nearby and the beachfront location, there is no end to what you can do during a trip. As the second largest city in the country, you’ll have an endless array of shopping, dining and experiences that will accommodate all of your tastes and interests. Throughout the year, a number of activities and events take place, one of the most popular being the Busan International Film Festival which has begun to put South Korea on the cinematic map. If you happen to be visiting Busan in October, the International Film Festival is definitely an experience you’ll want to take in and shows a number of films from countries around the world.