South Korea is situated on the southern part of the Korean peninsula and is East Asia’s most developed country with a powerful and booming economy. It remains relatively unknown on the tourist radar, yet offers a fascinating culture, unique traditions and many ancient palaces and temples set among beautiful natural scenery.

South Korea is highly urbanized, with 24-hour cities next to a serene countryside of misty forested mountains, emerald green rice paddies and little villages, seemingly untouched by time. See shiny modern Seoul, the vibrant capital, boasting ultramodern skyscrapers, fantastic shopping malls, and beautiful old temples and palaces like the striking Gyeongbok Palace. Walk through its picturesque Bukchon Village to see the traditional Korean architecture of wooden houses and sit down in one of Seoul’s restaurants for a feast of spicy Korean cuisine: try pufferfish soup and kimchi (cabbage and chili) and have a Korean rice wine to wash it all down!

To relax, take a trip to the port town Busan and enjoy the city beaches and hot spring resorts. For a special treat visit a Jjimjilbang, a traditional Korean Bathhouse, where clothing is not a part of the experience!

South Korea has a rich and distinctive culture and historical heritage. For a unique cultural experience, travel to Gyeongju, the historical center of Korea; a place with sights certain to leave you awestruck. The city boasts numerous world-class sights and ancient historical treasures, including pagodas, tombs, temples and palace ruins - these sights have earned it the title of "the museum without walls". Walk the streets and soak in the historic atmosphere from an ancient time dating back over two thousand years; this was the period when the capital was ruled by the Shilla dynasty and many of its traditional structures remain untouched.

Make sure to also take a trip to Jeju Island, a volcanic island off the southern coast of South Korea. The island is a popular holiday destination for Koreans and many wedding couples choose to spend their honeymoon here. The island boasts stunning beaches, interesting natural wonders to explore, and hiking trails up Hallasan - a dormant volcano, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Korea’s highest mountain.

In South Korea you can indulge in shopping and spa treatments, try exotic things like dog meat or Taekwondo, go karaoke singing or even relax in a night-time sauna. Come to this mysterious country and find out all about it!