Glittering skyscrapers, ultrafast trains and a neon-lit nightlife all set the tone in this high-tech metropolis where time never stands still. The sprawling capital which is also Japan's pride and joy sits on the island of Honshu and even has its very own cluster of islands (Izu and Ogasawara). It is also situated to the south of Takasaki, Tsukuba and Mito, and north of Yokohama, and Kamakura, while Chiba, Sakura and Narita lie to its east. Once you set foot in this bustling city, you will be swept up in a thrilling, energetic current of exhilarating sights, sounds and experiences. You will be able to view Tokyo in all its glory from a selection of lofty vantage points and admire its calming green spaces and traditional monuments. And once your vacation is over, you will come away with a touch of this very special city's magic.

As can only be expected of a high-tech metropolis, Tokyo needs no less than four airports to cope with the number of airborne visitors who descend on it day and night - Chofu Airfield, Haneda Airport, Ibaraki Airport and Narita Airport. If you are already in Japan and have planned a visit to this glittering city of glass, chrome and steel, chances are that you would be arriving at Narita which takes care of most domestic flights. If you have been sampling Osaka's plethora of delicacies and have marked Tokyo out as the next step in your adventure, you will be able to arrive following a flight trip of approximately 90 minutes. Kyoto, on the other hand, with its charming traditional inns and quaint teahouses is a 2 to 4-hour Shinkansen trip away. Tokyo itself boasts one of the best run transport systems on the entire globe and you will be able to rely on its rail, metro and bus systems to reach any destination within the city.

During your visit to Tokyo you will have the opportunity of viewing the shimmering expanse of soaring skyscrapers dotted with green spaces and temples from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. The lofty and aptly named Tokyo Skytree is also another perfect choice for treating yourself to panoramic views of the Japanese capital.  Especially since it comes with the added perks of enchanting lights which illuminate it in a dazzling display. In spite of its reputation as a neon-lit, futuristic urban center, Tokyo also happens to be a city where green spaces and nature are given pride of place. While holidaying in this amazing capital, you will be able to admire the exquisite Imperial Gardens and enjoy a leisurely boat ride along the Sumida River or on the lake in the beautiful Inokashira Park.