Osaka is a city of bridges and canals and a plethora of tasty, delectable offerings. It is also a city of contrasts with futuristic, neon-lit neighborhoods juxtaposed against more conventional spaces of shimmering glass and gleaming chrome, to form a charming, intriguing urban tapestry. Japan's third largest city which is also affectionately referred to as its kitchen, is situated on Honshu island where it is firmly ensconced between Kobe on its west and Nara on its east. The cities of Shirahama and Kushimoto are located far to its south while Maizuru and Asago lie to its north and northwest respectively. Whether you intend to sample the abundance of unique, tasty treats which can only be found in Dotonbori, visit the marvelous Osaka Kaiyukan or soak in the scented fragrance and soothing ambience of Nakanoshima Park, you can absolutely expect to be charmed by all this colorful, enthralling city has to offer.

Widely considered to be Japan's tastiest city, Osaka is another former Japanese capital which has successfully evaded obscurity and even emerged in a limelight which is all its own. Japan's kitchen is actually quite close to the capital, Tokyo and depending on your Shinkansen train of choice, it is quite possible to arrive in the city in two to four hours. If you opt for air travel, you will alight at its Osaka International Airport following a 90-minute trip. Osaka's metro is actually one of the most impressive in Japan and is only second to Tokyo's. It is also highly convenient to use and should make traversing the city a breeze particularly when combined with its bus and rail services.

The city of Osaka is particularly famous for its cuisine which possesses an uncanny ability to delight the taste buds of locals and tourists alike. If you intend to set out on a gastronomic adventure, the acclaimed quarter of Dotonbori is an excellent place to begin. You will be able   to sample specialties such as the world-famous okonomiyaki and the palate pleasing takoyaki.

Shinsekai with its neon-lit theme very reminiscent of retro sci-fi, is also another quarter worth stopping at for its kushikatsu which is rumored to be the very best. If you love fresh seafood, a visit to Kuromon Market deserves to occupy pride of place on your itinerary as well, particularly since you will have the opportunity to purchase freshly caught fish from fishermen who have literally just dragged their nets from the sea.