Japan is a fascinating island country offering unique traditions and magical natural beauty. Beautiful temples and shrines, scenic escapes and an ancient culture, make Japan a true gemstone of a travel destination!

In Japan, traditional culture coexists with a high-tech world: you’ll find traditional architecture, Zen gardens and bathhouses, as well as pop culture and buzzing urban metropolises constantly reinventing themselves.

This country provides many amazing natural experiences: from high peaks like the atmospheric Mount Fuji, to beautiful scenic lakes and valleys overflowing with cherry blossoms in the spring. See the island of Hokkaido for magnificent wilderness and go skiing in one of its many great resorts in winter! Bathe in hot springs or go hiking or mountain climbing. See beautiful castles, art museums and galleries, and have a unique and unforgettable experience lodging in a temple run by monks!

Visit the bustling metropolis of Tokyo and see stunning architecture under neon city lights. Discover its beautiful gardens and sneak a peek at its mysterious Geisha districts. Take a trip to Kyoto; see the famous Golden Pavilion and walk through the city’s charming back streets, gardens and craft shops.

See Miyajima Island and its famous floating shrine - Itsukushima. Visit the temples and monasteries of Mount Koya and take a trip to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. For a real Japanese experience stay in a Ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn and sleep on tatami-mats or futon beds! The gastronomic splendor of Japanese cuisine is world-renowned: try the Hotpots, the visually appealing Sushi and Maki, usually served with wasabi and soy sauce, and savor some Sake with your meal! Meet the courteous Japanese people, who have a love for detail and many cherished traditions. Experience the dance – drama Kabuki, beautiful arts and crafts, origami, or even a traditional tea ceremony. Its activities such as these which only adds to the enchantment of this country.

This mysterious country of traditions and modernity will surprise and enchant you with its unique cultural and natural treasures! Come and experience the magic Japan has to offer!