Standing out in a country renowned for its history, monuments and culture is no easy task. Yet Xi’an manages to do so with astounding ease. And it’s all thanks to the valuable collection of trump cards it holds in its possession which include impressive historical clout of its own and its world-famous terracotta army. Widely believed to have been the Silk Road’s starting point, Xi’an lies to the north of Chengdu, west of Nanjing and east of Lanzhou, while the capital Beijing, lies to its far north. If your ideal vacation involves sightseeing, leisurely strolls and souvenir shopping you will be in for a treat thanks to the numerous monuments and museums you will be able to visit while holidaying in the city.

Visiting a city which is a firm tourist favorite does come with a host of advantages such as an airport which serves as a hub for flights from China’s main cities. If you happen to be visiting from Beijing you could be landing in Xi’an’s Xianyang International Airport in less than three hours. Guangzhou and Chengdu, on the other hand are about two and half hours away while the coastal city of Shanghai is just two hours away. Although buses, trains and taxis are readily available, cycling is a favorite option for visitors when it comes to navigating the city’s main tourist sites which are conveniently located close to each other for the most part.

Xi’an’s main tourist attraction, the Terracotta Warriors Museum is likely to be the high point of your trip and you will be able to admire the life size figures of soldiers and horses which are each unique and represent the army of the Qin Dynasty’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huang. Xi’an’s city wall is also worth a visit. Particularly since it is one of China’s best-preserved fortifications from ancient times in spite of being over six centuries old. You will be able to rent a bike close by and even cycle along the structure which is 12 meters high and an impressive 15 meters wide.