Shanghai is one city you can’t help but notice especially since it has carved out a niche for itself as one of the greatest tourist spots on the globe. Not to mention the fact that it has actually achieved the awesome feat of outstripping the impressive capital, Beijing in terms of sheer size and marvels which can rival those any city in the world has to offer. Located on China’s eastern coast, the city lies to the south of Jiangsu and to the north of Zhejiang while the East China Sea lies to its east.

Museums and art galleries bring this city’s illustrious past to life while its pulse can be felt in the green parks, gardens and squares which dot its cityscape.  It is also home to Shanghai Circus World and Disneyland Park which are certainly worth visiting for a thrilling, unforgettable experience. One of the perks of visiting a world-famous tourist hot spot are the loads of options on offer and Shanghai does not disappoint. Visitors from Hong Kong will be able to board a train at Hung Hom Station and alight at Shanghai Railway Station. The city’s Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station also receives visitors from the capital and Zhejiang. Tourists who don’t have much time to spare will be pleased to find that most of China’s major cities provide flights which alight at Hongqiao airport.

There is no better place to feel Shanghai’s pulse than the Bund. Set against the Huangpu river and the city’s skyscrapers, it is the one spot where tourists and residents alike gather to dance to ballroom music, practice tai chi in the cool morning breeze and capture precious memories on film in the glimmer of flashing neon lights at dusk. A visit to Huxinting Tea House will also provide the opportunity to unwind from all that sightseeing and to enjoy fragrant brews as you bask in its calm, soothing ambience and snack on traditional delicacies. For a touch of excitement and colour, a visit to Shanghai Circus World should be on the cards. Amazing acrobatic displays, breathtaking spectacles all against a colorful setting will make it the high point of your visit to this coastal city filled with marvels.