Contrasts can be beautiful, especially when they complement each other harmoniously like this city whose skyline is dotted with towering skyscrapers and historic monuments and whose harbor welcomes traditional vessels as well as modern cruise ships. Surrounded almost entirely by the South China Sea, Hong Kong is bordered by the city of Shenzhen to its north while Macau, its closest rival sits opposite it on the Pearl River Delta. The city which boasts the largest number of skyscrapers in the world is also a historical, cultural and entertainment center all rolled into one and is a veritable treasure trove when it comes to sightseeing.

If you love great food, harbor cruises and a neon-lit nightlife, you will find yourself spoilt for choice in this city whose fabric seamlessly melds eastern and western influences together. Shenzhen, Hong Kong’s northern neighbor is a thriving tourist center in its own right with an impressive stretch of coastline, fun filled beaches, leisurely seaside resorts and easy access to Hong Kong. Visitors to the city who also intend to treat themselves to a trip to its southern neighbor will be able to take the ferry from the airport’s Fuyong Port or HKIA SkyPier for a journey lasting 40 minutes. They also have the option of boarding the train from Shenda Station to Luohu Station which is the entry point into Hong Kong, and then travelling to East Tsim Sha Tsui Station which should take about 45 minutes.

Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor is the city’s pride and joy and can be viewed in all its glory from Peak Tower, the leisure and shopping center located on the city’s highest mountain, Victoria Peak. Harbor cruises and trips on junks – traditional Chinese ships – are also an amazing option for viewing the stunning skyline at any time of the day. They also provide a great opportunity for admiring the delightful display known as the Symphony of Lights from the harbor which is a truly enchanting experience. Fans of marine wildlife will be thrilled with the opportunity to visit Sha Chau and Lung Kwu Chau Marine Park where pink dolphins which are the star attraction, lead a pampered lifestyle. If you happen to be visiting between June and October, the Sai Kung Coastal Treasures tour is a great option for viewing historic monuments, spectacular coastlines and sampling fresh seafood at Sai Kung Market Town.