Any city which has achieved the awesome feat of remaining relevant for close to eight centuries is certainly worth a visit. Especially when it is home to some of the most impressive and exquisitely designed palaces, temples and gardens, not to mention luxurious hotels, sprawling malls and modern art galleries. And that is far from being all there is to China’s cultural and political capital which is almost completely surrounded by Hebei Province and also bordered by Tianjin to its east. No wonder it is one of the most visited cities in the world. If you intend to sample its delights, you can be certain you will enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Beijing’s status as one of the most visited cities in China and the world mean that there is a plethora of options for reaching it from any point. Tianjin whose European style buildings and modern Chinese architecture are a key tourist attraction provides trains which can reach the capital with trips lasting between 35 minutes to just under 2 hours. Visitors to Hong Kong who also intend to make the most of their visit with a trip to the capital will also be able to enjoy a cross country ride with scenic views of the country during a train ride lasting 24 hours.

Everyone has heard about the Great Wall, but now you will be able to view it up close, climb sections of it and admire the view of the lofty mountains which surround one of the most impressive manmade structures on earth. The vast palace complex, the Forbidden City is also another spot which is worth visiting with its beautiful imperial gardens and Gate of Heavenly Peace which provides a great view of Tiananmen Square. Because no trip is ever complete without the opportunity to shop to your heart’s content, Silk and Yashow markets as well as Nan Luogu Xiang should be on your itinerary where you will be able to hone your haggling skills and come away with delightful bargains.

Tucking into local cuisine is also one of the greatest perks of travelling around the globe. A visit to establishments such as Da Dong Roast Duck and Li Qun will provide you with the opportunity to dine on the capital’s world-famous signature dish, Peking Duck, in style.