Three Reasons Why You Need to Travel to Germany

Three Reasons Why You Need to Travel to Germany

Written By: Alice_66

Out of all the European countries I have visited, Germany is one of my favorites and there are many reasons why it is so high on my list. From the beautiful cities to the rich history and architecture, Germany truly has it all when it comes to things to see and do for international travelers (and local visitors!). While a lot of people tend to think of Germany as a main destination for Oktoberfest, there are many other reasons why this country should be on every travel blogger or travelers list.

Even though I have many reasons why somebody should travel to Germany, I’ve narrowed it down to three major themes. Hopefully these will give you some great starting points when you’re ready to create your own itinerary!


Germany has thousands of years of art and design featured throughout countless galleries and public spaces. While Germany typically isn’t the first thing you think of when you think of fine arts or historic art, it really does have its roots in artistry, particularly the Romanticism era. Many notable German artists and painters have created exceptional works of art and Germany has definitely been influential in the world of cinema and even modern arts. For those who are into fashion, Germany is also leading the way in the fashion industry -- if you are someone who loves art and design, Germany must be one of the places you visit as soon as possible.


People my age tend to only look at Germany in terms of World War II and the Cold War, but the truth is it goes back thousands of years and has more to it than just military history. Many of our modern advances actually came from this country -- going as far back as the Reformation, the first printing press, musical artists such as Beethoven and other classical artists got their start creating new and unique sounds in Germany. Architecture is also very prevalent around the country and comes with its own unique history often dating back thousands of years. Of course, modern history is also important in Germany but it isn’t the only thing this country has to offer -- you should definitely try coming with an open mind and learn more about the fine arts and other cultural impacts that this European country has provided the rest of the world.


Many European cities and countries still include its traditional foundations as a way of life. While Berlin and other major cities have definitely taken on a more modern influence and style, there are hundreds of small towns in the surrounding suburbs that still feature much of that quintessential German culture and architecture. If you truly want to take a step back in time or enjoy the authentic beauty of Germany, venture out beyond the city limits where the locals still live with their small town roots and where they are very friendly and welcoming.

These quaint little German villages are often lined with cobblestone streets and dotted with colorful German architecture – unique touches that truly show you the beauty and history that is long been established in the country. Even if you do happen to stick to some of the larger cities like Berlin you will still get that small town vibe and welcoming nature from the residents.

Germany is located in such a beautiful geographical region that there are so many different things to see and go explore. German castles are very ornate and definitely one of the focal points when visiting the country -- there’s something that also makes Germany unique in comparison to its surrounding neighbors, such as France, and the large amount of land also means that you’re going to find a diverse amount of architecture and style from one side of the country to the next.

If you want to see as much of Germany as you possibly can during a short visit, I highly recommend you take a train throughout much of the country as you travel from city to city – that way you can see the various landscapes and little villages that dot the landscape. It also gives you a chance to explore without worrying about hiring a car for the trip. Of course, once you visit any of the cute villages, it’s definitely recommended that you enjoy some of the local brews or savory German cuisines to round out your amazing trip to this diverse and culturally impacting country!

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