Best known for its attractive beaches, Port Elizabeth is located within the country’s Eastern Cape Province. Situated right on Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth has a unique blend of Victorian landmarks, coastal attractions and many wildlife reserves that contrast against the metropolitan vibe that the city offers. Visitors coming to South Africa for a beach escape and surfing typically come to Port Elizabeth because of the many excellent surfing spots. The city also serves as a stopping point for those traveling along the coast.

While a good portion of South Africa is undergoing a revitalization, Port Elizabeth still has some work to do. Within the city, areas, including Richmond Hill, are well underway with regeneration and is an attractive destination for those coming to Port Elizabeth thanks to the shops and restaurants located throughout. Some visitors will find that the city center is a little lackluster, but there’s nothing to worry about as the surrounding suburban areas feature quite a few unique bars, shops and restaurants.

If you’re coming to Port Elizabeth to enjoy the beaches, one of the most popular is King’s Beach. This beach features shallow areas for swimming and snorkeling, while beautiful sandy beaches typically have quite a few people laying out for the day. The locals recommend taking extra care while swimming in Kings Beach, as it features an extremely strong current. From here visitors can travel a short distance away to Bayworld, which is an aquarium featuring many unique aspects. Bayworld’s complex includes a snake park, museum and oceanarium, as well as live presentations throughout the day.

The Donkin Reserve offers exceptional views of Port Elizabeth and features walking trails, monuments and public artwork which highlights Port Elizabeth history. While at the reserve, make sure to climb up to the lighthouse for even more panoramic views. The city is also home to a variety of cuisines, ranging from Mediterranean to Asian and even authentic African cuisine. Head over to The Boardwalk for international fare or enjoy delicious baked goods at Vovo Telo before heading out to explore.