Known to the locals as Jo’burg, Johannesburg once started as a gold mining settlement in the 19th century. As the largest city in South Africa, Johannesburg has gone through periods of growth and decline -- after 20 years the city has begun to revitalize itself once again. While the major city is often connected to historical figures such as Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela, Johannesburg is home to a variety of museums, attractions, and archaeological and historical sites.

Much of Johannesburg is turning into a more modern development -- urban neighborhoods feature up-and-coming restaurants and boutiques, while parks and urban dwellings are cropping up throughout the city. Like many cities around the world, Johannesburg does contain stark differences in wealth and poverty -- affluent neighborhoods are dramatically contrasted with neighboring poor communities, which is still an ongoing dilemma for the city of Johannesburg. That being said, visitors to the city will find plenty of unique things to see and experience during a stay. The residents of Johannesburg are very welcoming and friendly, and whether you like to visit museums or you enjoy the more modern and progressive points of interest, your itinerary will have plenty of variety. For the next few years, visitors to the city will notice the palpable difference and growth of the South African region -- an exciting time to put Johannesburg on your must-see list!

One of the most visited sites in Johannesburg is the Apartheid Museum, which highlights a major part of South Africa’s history. The museum uses a variety of media to tell the story of segregation that took place over a century -- for those who like to visit museums during travel, this is one of the most recommended in the world and is just a few minutes away from the Johannesburg city center. After visiting an emotional and powerful destination such as the Apartheid Museum, a trip to Arts on Main will provide another cultural look at Johannesburg and South Africa. This massive arts center has been magnificently transformed into a creative attraction, featuring numerous retail stores, art galleries, restaurants and artist studios. Throughout the year, live events and performances take place and it’s also home to the Sunday market, which is a fabulous destination and you want to pick up local goods and handcrafted pieces.