Thanks to its coastal location, South Africa boasts gorgeous coastal drives and breathtaking landscape. One of the most famous in the world is called the Garden Route, which is definitely a must for anyone traveling to the southern tip of Africa. The natural beauty of the Garden Route is unparalleled -- while it doesn’t expand that far, visitors will see such a diverse range in wildlife and topography that it creates an outstanding destination for visitors who like to get out and explore or just to enjoy beautiful drives.

The Garden Route allows you to drive throughout many of South Africa’s most popular destinations, whether you want to stop at one of the secluded beaches or you drive more inland to a lake or one of the impressive mountain ranges, the Garden Route put you in close proximity to nearly everything you could want to do during a trip to South Africa. While you could certainly just use the route as a scenic drive from one destination to the next, there are quite a few interesting things that you might want to stop and check out along the way. Numerous nature and marine reserves are located along the Garden Route, which makes it convenient when you want to get out and sightsee. The Garden Route National Park, once known as the Wilderness National Park, features nature trails that bring hikers across many geographical features including forests, lakes and beaches. For those who want to get out and stretch their legs as they drive along the Garden Route scenic way, the National Park is highly recommended.

In case the views from the Garden Route aren’t beautiful enough, the outlook at Knysna Lagoon is one of the best in the world. At one point, the British Royal Navy said Knysna Lagoon was one of the most dangerous entrances around, thanks to the rocky cliffs and rocks – but the views are fantastic! If you want foot access to the nature reserve or you want to see the Lagoon from up close, numerous experienced vessels provide tours and day excursions around the coastline.