Situated near Table Mountain National Park, Cape Town is the jewel of South Africa. It’s diverse culture, range of cuisines and breathtaking sites make it one of the top destinations in Africa. The location of Cape Town right on the water and surrounded by a national park means that there are countless natural landscapes to visit during a trip to this region. Beautifully cultivated gardens such as the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and the Company’s Gardens, a historic spot in Cape Town, provides visitors with a relaxing escape after exploring the urban layout. Its proximity to the ocean as well as Table Mountain National Park means that you can go surfing early in the morning and then hiking or biking throughout the hills and mountains in afternoon. Whether you like to get outdoors and participate in recreational activities or you prefer a more urban setting such shopping and dining, Cape Town caters to nearly every world traveler.

The art and culture scene in Cape Town is equally as mesmerizing. From brightly colored façades and African influence, this city uniquely blends a variety of creative arts into one cohesive atmosphere. The city also features a range of socioeconomic and income levels, which creates quite a visible contrasts between downtown and the settlements of Cape Flats. However, no matter where you visit, each neighborhood has its own ambience and charm -- whether it’s picking up fresh produce from the organic market or browsing the various shops to pick up a souvenir.

Like many other countries on the continent, South Africa -- and Cape Town in particular -- has a blend of religious and cultural lifestyles that are evident no matter where you go. The city’s long history, which dates back to European and Afrikaner descent, is still prevalent throughout many communities and neighborhoods -- these different blends of cultures and migrants allow Cape Town to be diverse in its cuisine, religious lifestyle and arts.

Cape Town in recent years has grown to be a world destination for wine and vineyards -- two of the most popular estates being Franschhoek and Stellenbosch, which are both a short drive away from the city.