South Africa is the southernmost African state; a diverse country, boasting an interesting mix of African tradition and modern urban culture. The country features endless beaches on two oceans, numerous national parks, modern cities and a famous food scene, making it a premier-league travel destination!

The country is a multiethnic state with 11 official languages, presenting a kaleidoscope of interesting cultures and unique traditions. Its multicultural diversity is one of its biggest features, although it is still suffering from the aftermaths of apartheid, visible in persisting inequality and racial problems.

South Africa is home to beautiful scenery like the Kalahari Desert, rugged mountain ranges, endless coastline, and green winelands, and boasts numerous first-class attractions that are bound to fulfill all your wishes! Hike the famous Table Mountain or take the cableway to its summit for a stunning view over Cape Town and the ocean. Visit Johannesburg and enjoy its rich history, cultural heritage and creative scene. Go swimming and sunbathing on stunning beaches or enjoy windsurfing, rock climbing and bungee jumping – South Africa has something for everyone!

South Africa is one of the best safari destinations in the world: go on a safari adventure in one of the national parks like the famous Kruger National Park and go looking for the Big Five: lion, elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard and rhino (amongst other fascinating animals), while you’re driving through the majestic grasslands of the countryside.

Go on a wining tour and try the world-class wine, paired with some tasty cuisine amidst the beautiful vineyard scenery. South Africa’s cutting edge cuisine is world-renowned and well worth a try. There are numerous high-class restaurants as well as more economical options to indulge in the diverse cuisine - a product of its cultural mix that is bound to satisfy any taste.

Make sure to visit cosmopolitan Cape Town, a city set against the backdrop of a scenic mountain range and surrounded by beautiful beaches. Stroll through the streets and enjoy the beautiful architecture, its museums, the bustling harbor and vista of the beautiful blue Table Bay. After exploring the sights and sounds of the city, enjoy Cape Town’s gastronomic splendor and indulge in some superb dining in its classy restaurants.

While this country offers a true African adventure, it is the most developed country in Africa with English as a lingua franca, making travelling for Westerners very easy. Whether it’s golfing, trekking, going on a safari or fine wining and dining, this country offers it all!