The kingdom of Morocco is a magical land where oriental charm and hospitality are awaiting you! Marketplaces full of exotic spices, endless sand dunes, Islamic architectural masterpieces, and a delicious cuisine combine to a fascinating travel destination! The country features rugged mountains and vast deserts, never-ending coastlines along the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea, and the high Atlas mountains, where Berber tribesmen herd their cattle. Go windsurfing in Essaouira, hiking in the vast Atlas, or swimming in the Atlantic or Mediterranean Sea; while staying in one of the small beach towns.

See the sights of beautifully traditional Fez, including the mosques, tanneries and old madrasas (ancient Islamic schools). Walk through its huge winding medina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the world’s largest car-free area. Discover how deeply embedded in history and tradition this city really is, as it presents you with great opportunities to experience true Moroccan culture!

Visit Marrakesh, the most famous city in Morocco, and get lost in its labyrinth of medinas, minarets, souks and spice stalls. This city boasts so many first-class attractions; one visit may not be enough to see them all! Among the top things to do and see are the beautiful Koutoubia Mosque, the magnificently decorated Saadian tombs, the Islamic college Madrasa Ben Youssef, and the stunning Bahia Palace; an opulent building constructed over a period of 14 years. Make sure to also see the shades of blue in Chefchaouen, a city with strikingly beautiful blue buildings in its old center.

A top thing to do in Morocco is exploring the vast Sahara desert. Go on a unique adventure riding a camel over the dunes and camp beneath the stars. You will see breathtaking sunsets as the sun disappears behind the dunes, coloring the desert in shades of pink. Visit the oases of the deep desert and get to know the famous oriental hospitality. Indulge in a day at the hammam, the traditional bathhouse, where you will be scrubbed with bath salts and massaged with scented oils, leaving you as fresh and relaxed as ever!

Make sure you try foods like Tagine or Couscous and pause for a mint tea in a traditional teahouse. Drinking tea is deeply embedded in Moroccan culture and being invited to a cup is a sign of hospitality and welcome.

Enjoy the Arabian charm, get lost in the lively markets of Marrakesh, haggle with the vendors in the marketplaces of Fez, and see snake charmers performing their art. Morocco is touching and surprising, casting a spell of enchantment on every visitor. So start planning you trip today!