Kenya is home to wide savannahs, rich tribal cultures and an incredible wildlife. Be it going on a safari or meeting the friendly locals - this country is the best place to experience a real African adventure!

The country boasts 40 National Parks with beautiful landscapes and an impressive range of animals: go on a safari and see zebras, elephants, lions, and leopards in their natural environment, and learn about their behavior from someone who knows firsthand. Safaris are the top attraction in Kenya and the local agencies offer it all: from 1 day trips to week-long journeys, from sleeping in a desert tent to luxurious lodges – you pick your choice!

Kenya offers a chance for unique cultural experiences: there are over 40 different tribal groups living in Kenya, the most famous being the Maasai. Take time to experience their distinct way of life on a tour to one of their villages and get to know the interesting Maasai culture, traditions and religion.

The natural wonders of Kenya are many: Lake Nakuru is where you can see thousands of pink flamingos, attracted by its algae and making for an unforgettable sight and attractive photo motif. The mighty massif of Mount Kenya offers trekking and, for experienced mountaineers, climbing on rock, snow and ice! The enormous Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and part of the African Great Lakes region. You can go on a canoe trip and go fishing in its quite shallow waters - it is only 84m deep at its lowest point and drains into the legendary Nile River. Watch the sun set like you’ve never seen before, over the horizon of the grassy savannahs of Masai Mara; then go to sleep filled with spectacular experiences and endless stories to tell at home!

Kenya’s coastline is dotted with beach resorts and villages, offering a relaxed beach holiday on white-sanded beaches at the Indian Ocean. If you’ve had enough natural experience, visit cosmopolitan Nairobi, Kenya’s hectic capital. Apart from the cultural experiences there is a pulsating nightlife to immerse yourself in – but stay street smart, don’t walk around at night and avoid certain indicated areas!

Kenya is about breathtaking African nature and wildlife, unique cultural experiences and great adventures! Start planning your journey today!