The African continent boasts fascinating colors and diverse cultures, beautiful landscapes and magnificent wildlife. It's here where you can experience some of the last great adventures on earth! The astonishing landscapes of Africa offer it all: from bush land to tropical rainforest, from sunny desert to beaches and the Savannah to colorful mountain areas. Prepare for breathtaking vistas like the snowy summit of Mount Kilimanjaro looming over the Serengeti.

Go on a safari adventure and roam one of the glorious national parks in search of wild animals like lions and hippos. Watch elephants moving through endless steppes, mountain gorillas hiding in emerald forests and herds of giraffes and zebras grazing in the vast grasslands. The thrilling outdoors will make this journey a unique experience!

Many diverse cultures have developed on this great continent where human life originated. Prepare for a blend of culture, both traditional and modern, as you visit Africa's many unique regions and people. Enjoy buzzing market life and the different multicolored arts and crafts. Add traditional dances to the rhythm of tribal drums and sensational exotic dishes and you have found your adventure for the senses!

Visit the multicultural city of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania and relax on the stunning white beaches of its offshore island, Zanzibar. Take a trip to the mighty Victoria Falls and to the beautiful landscapes of the south and sample food and local wine in the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town. Haggle with vendors in the spice-filled markets of Marrakech and relax in a traditional teahouse enjoying some sweet Moroccan mint tea. Or go on a journey riding on a camel through the Moroccan desert sleeping under the stars as they fill the night-sky!

For a beautiful beach trip visit the island states of Madagascar and Mauritius, indulge in the colorful island life and swim in their crystal-clear waters. The options are endless! Filled with adventures and stunning natural beauty, Africa is calling for you! Make some lifetime memories in this magical land of wonders!